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Recent Additions and Features

The deep snows of the winter of 2018-2019 are melting their way to the ocean and flowers are abundant.

Click the links below for photographs of species new to this web site.

Veronica plantaginea

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Photographs added March, 2019
Dimorphocarpa wislizenii

Tomostima cuneifolia
Cymopterus newberryi
Astragalus nuttallianus
Primula specuicola

Photographs added April, 2019

Oreocarya fulvocanescens
Castilleja chromosa
Erythranthe suksdorfii
Vesper bulbosus
Rumex hymenosepalus
Cercocarpus montanus
Allium textile
Fendlera rupicola
Stenotus armerioides
Penstemon utahensis
Astragalus coltonii

Photographs added May, 2019
Claytonia lanceolata
Erythronium grandiflorum
Collinsia parviflora
Clematis hirsutissima
Rhinotropis subspinosa
Yucca harrimaniae
Purshia stansburiana
Cercocarpus montanus
Stenotus armerioides
Streptanthus cordatus
Townsendia annua
Calochortus flexuosus
Astragalus flavus
Delphinium scaposum
Lithophragma glabrum
Stenogonum flexum
Lygodesmia arizonica
Townsendia annua
Delphinium scaposum

Photographs added June, 2019
Trifolium hybridum
Pseudotsuga menziesii
Lithophragma tenellum
Berberis fendleri
Prosartes trachycarpa
Yucca angustissima
Delphinium scaposum
Lomatium grayi
Wyethia arizonica
Lithospermum multiflorum
Senecio integerrimus
Delphinium nuttallianum
Ranunculus inamoenus
Gayophytum diffusum
Frasera speciosa

Photographs added July, 2019
Ligusticum porteri
Stellaria longipes
Moneses uniflora
Pyrola asarifolia

Photographs added August, 2019

Photographs added September, 2019

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Features for
Summer, 2019

Plant: Ipomopsis ramosa
Text: Hand lens 
Definition: Pappus
Biography: Asa Gray
Link: The American Southwest


Featured Native Plants Discussion Groups

Do you have photographs of plants that you would like identified? Do you have questions about native plants? Would you like to share information and enthusiasm about native plants? 

Join the Colorado and/or New Mexico Native Plants on-line botanical discussion groups for amateurs and professionals. Participate as much or as little as you want to. Send in photographs of native plants for identification and discuss key issues about conserving native plants, techniques for growing native plants in your garden, plant photography, etc. 

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Immediately below you will find links to comments & updates on three Colorado floras.

Floras are complex and very time consuming to write. They demand not only expertise in the plants of an area but also expertise in technical writing, logic, and scientific precision. Three recent floras of Colorado strive for these goals and achieve them to various degrees, but all three have room for improvement, especially in the construction of clear and accurate keys.

Comments & Updates on Weber and Wittmann's Colorado Flora

Click here for comments on Weber and Wittmann's 2012, 4th edition of Colorado Flora.

Click to order and read more about Colorado Flora: Western Slope. Eastern Slope.

Comments & Updates on Heil and O'Kane's
Flora of the Four Corners Region

Click here for comments, corrections, and additions to the 2013,
Flora of the Four Corners Region

Click to order and read more about this flora.