Eremogone kingii (Sandwort)
Caryophyllaceae.   (Pink Family)

Semi-desert. Shrublands, openings. Spring.

Petals are white but floral parts impart a yellow hue to the flowers.  Eremogone kingii has an open spray of flowers rather than the close-packed flower clusters of the common Eremogone congesta; both species have long grass-like leaves; congesta grows at higher altitudes. 

Clarence King was a geologist, mining engineer, and first Director of the United States Geological Survey.

The genus Eremogone was named in 1833 by Eduard Fenzl (1808-1879). "Erem" is Greek for "a lonely place" or "desert", and "gon" is Greek for "seed"; the allusion is of unknown meaning. 

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