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Chylismia walkeri
Onagraceae (Evening Primrose Family)

Semi-desert. Shrublands, Pinyon/Juniper woodlands, sand, rocks. Spring.

Normally Camissonia walkeri leaves are "bright gray-green... and peppered with small darker green spots" (Intermountain Flora) or "purple dotted" (Utah Flora).  Apparently the soil in the area of the pictured plant imparts the fabulous turquoise to both the leaves and the dots. Flowers are yellow and quite small; seed pods are large, ribbed, and arching upward on short stems.

Charles Parry collected a specimen of this plant in the Virgin River valley near St. George, Utah in 1874 and Aven Nelsen named it Oenothera brevipes in 1875.  Nelsen renamed it Chylisma walkeri in 1913, and it went through several other name changes until in 1964 Peter Raven, now Director of the Missouri Botanical Garden, renamed it Camissonia walkeri.  Ernest P. Walker collected the species in the Paradox Valley of Colorado in 1912.