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Betty's sister Nancy dyed the fabric for this
full-sized quilt that Betty and Nancy designed and Betty appliquéed,
assembled, and hand and machine quilted.
Finished November, 2003.
Each circle contains four of the same kind of bird:
wrens, cranes, hummingbirds, and kingfishers.
Pileated Woodpeckers are in the corners.


Betty's mother made the quilt for her sister, "Sissy",
and over 40 years later Betty used the same patterns and
material to make the head-board-wall-hanging for
Aunt Sissy's 90th birthday, November, 2003.
The design is a Matisse paper cut-out for chapel nave windows in Venice.


As a table runner or wall hanging,
this 23" x 39" Sand Hill Crane
is one of our favorites.


For each of our grandchildren Betty made a 
"One Year Quilt"
with nine pictures, the first taken the day they
were born, the last on their first birthday
with cake smeared on their hands, face, and highchair.
This four by four foot quilt is for Becky and Stuart's son, Jacob.

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