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Astragalus amphioxys

Astragalus amphioxys

Pods are an inch+, hairy, and curved inward, sometimes almost in a circle.

Astragalus amphioxys

Astragalus amphioxys (Crescent Milkvetch)
Fabaceae (Pea Family)

Semi-desert. Openings. Spring.
Grandstaff Canyon Trail, Utah, April 12, 2005.
Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, April, 15, 2007.

Astragalus amphioxys has a light green, hairy, often arching leaf with 5-21 leaflets and

Astragalus amphioxys

attractive, magenta/purple flowers.  The upright banner is gently cupped, enfolding a light center. 

Astragalus amphioxys

Astragalus amphioxys

Flowers fade to light purples and steel grays and the inflated seed pods that follow are sharply narrowed and compressed on both ends, giving rise to the scientific name: the Greek "amphi", "on both ends" and "oxys", "sharp".

Compare this species with the very similar Astragalus missouriensis variety amphibolus.


Range map © John Kartesz,
Floristic Synthesis of North America

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